Half Crowns

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Image Year Name Description Grade Price ENQUIRE
Charles 2
1676Charles 2Vicesimo Octavo.4th Bust .S3367.Very nice original coin.AEF£1450ENQUIRE
Charles 2
1677Charles 2From a old GB collection.(1947 ticket for 14/6d)VF£495ENQUIRE
William & Mary
1693William & Mary3 of date over 3 upside down.ESC521.S3436.Light tone.GVF£795ENQUIRE
William 3
1696William 3York.Large Shields.Early Harp Octavo edge.ESC528.S3486AVF£375ENQUIRE
1697William 3First Bust.Nono edge.S3487. scratch on neckGF£50ENQUIRE
William 3
1700William 3D TertioF£80ENQUIRE
William 3
1701William 3Large Shields.Edge Decimo Tertio.ESC564.S3494AEF£750ENQUIRE
1703AnneVigo.Light old dusty light tone.Ex Seaby 1959 for 28/-AVF£475ENQUIRE
1707AnneE. Sexto Edge S3605.Scarce.Sold with old 1885 W E Wallis collectors ticket stating rarity 16 of 18.Only 43 in 50 years of coin sales .GVF£850ENQUIRE
1707AnneRoses & Plumes Sexto edge.S3582AVF/VF£325ENQUIRE
1708AnneE. S 3605.F£105ENQUIRE
1712AnneRose & Plumes .Undecimo edge.S3607GVF£525ENQUIRE
1720George 1Sexto edge.ScarceVF/GVF£945ENQUIRE
George 2
1746George 2Lima BelowGVF£245ENQUIRE
1804George 3Bank of England Oval C/M Half Dollar on Spain 1792MF 4 Reales.ESC 611.S 3767.Nice light tone.GVF£550ENQUIRE
1817George 3Large Head .S 3788.GVF£150ENQUIRE
George 3
1818George 3AEF£250ENQUIRE
George 111
1819George 111GF£35ENQUIRE
George 3
1819George 3AEF£295ENQUIRE
George 4
1820George 4EF£395ENQUIRE

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