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Image Year Name Description Grade Price ENQUIRE
1016Cnut1016-35 Penny Helmet Type.(+ behind bust.).Lincoln."Leofpine On Linc" .S 1158.Very nice tone.AEF£385ENQUIRE
1016Cnut1016-35 Penny.Pointed Helmet Type York Mint.S1158.Nice old tone.GVF£395ENQUIRE
1199John1199-1216 Penny.Class 5C Walter London.S1352VF£160ENQUIRE
Henry 111
1247Henry 1111247-72 Long Cross Penny Class VB2 Wedge shaped tailed R.Very nice portrait coin. Moneyer Henry London.S1368VF£70ENQUIRE
Edward 1
1272Edward 11272-78 Penny.1st Long Cross type.Class V1.Bury St Edmunds.IOH On Seinted.1.40grm4h.N1001.S1377.GVF£85ENQUIRE
Edward 1
1272Edward 11272-1307 London Mint Farthing With inner ircles.VF£110ENQUIRE
1272Edward 11272-1307 London Mint Farthing.S1450.Superb Portrait.Sold with Farthing Specialist envelope.One of best ever.GVF£175ENQUIRE
1272Edward 11272-1307.London Mint Farthing.No inner circles.Neat coinVF£110ENQUIRE
1272Edward 11272-1307 Long Cross Penny Class 3C Bristol Mint. S1389AVF£50ENQUIRE
1279Edward 11279-1307 New Coinage Long Cross Penny,London.1.23grm/1h.Class 7A.Rose on breast.Short Hair Almond shaped eyes.S1403 N1032.AVF£75ENQUIRE
Edward 1
1279Edward 11279-1307 Long Cross Penny.Class 10 f.S1408.1.37grms/9h.VF£50ENQUIRE
Edward 1
1279Edward 11279-1307 Long Cross Penny.New coinage.Star on breast.Class 9b.1.39grms/12h.S1408VF£40ENQUIRE
1279Edward 11279-1307.New Coinage Long Cross Penny.Class 10cf1.London.S1410VF£40ENQUIRE
1280ScotlandAlexander 3rd Penny 2nd Coinage Class Mc2.Four mullets of 6 points.Wt 1.39grm10h.,SCBI 35,233-4,B 50 , Fig198,S 5055.Very nice coinAEF£150ENQUIRE
Henry V1
1422Henry V11422-30 Half Groat Calais Mint.Annulet Issue.Annulets on reverse.MM Pierced Cross.Old 1963 ticket for 27/6d.S1840GVF£150ENQUIRE
Edward 1V
1461Edward 1V1461-70 1st Reign.Heavy Coinage Groat.Class 111.MM Rose.Quatrefoils by neck.Trefoil on breast,eye after T A S.3.58g/11h.B & W v11/d,N1532,S1974.ScarceVF£385ENQUIRE
Henry V111
1526Henry V1111526-44 Groat. 2nd Coinage.MM Lis on Obverse/On Reverse Rose.Scarce.S2337EVF£295ENQUIRE
Henry V111
1526Henry V1111526-32 Half Groat Canterbury.Archbishop Warham WA beside shield.S2343AVF/VF£155ENQUIRE
Henry V111
1540Henry V1111540-42 Ireland 2nd Harp issue Sixpenny Groat obv crowned arms reverse crowned harp dividing HR new title Hibernie Rex mm trefoil. DF 209 .SC5121.GVF£250ENQUIRE
Philip & Mary
1554Philip & MaryMary .Groat.1.94grms/1h.Nice portrait coin.N1973.S2508GVF/VF£695ENQUIRE

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