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Image Year Name Description Grade Price ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1639Charles 11639-40 Tower Mint under King Shilling Group E 5th Bust Type 4A 6.07grms Large bust & large 12 type.mm Triangle/Triangle over Anchor.Mint brilliance much as struck.Ex Messing Hoard Essex 1975GVF£345ENQUIRE
1639Charles 11639-40 Twopence.MM Triangle.Inner beaded circle.S 2832GF£35ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1641Charles 11641-3 Halfcrown.Tower Mint under King.MM Triangle in circle.Type 3a2 .S 2775.Strong King & horse(VF).Nice coinAVF£165ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1643Charles 11643-44 Tower mint under Parliament mm P 14.43grmsVF£250ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1644Charles 1Bristol Mint Halfcrown.Obv Oxford Die.Rev Declaration 3 Bristol Plumes above.Shrewsbury plume behind King BR/BR below horse.Very unusual has been reduced almost to centre circle.Attractive.AVF£385ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1645Charles 1Halfcrown Tower Mint under Parliament mm Eye 14.95grms Type 3A3 Ex Osborne & I Buck collections.VF£265ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1645Charles 1Halfcrown Tower Mint under Parliament.MM Eye/Group 3A 3 No ground,cruder style.On a squarish flan S 2778AVF£115ENQUIRE
1649Commonwelth1649-60.Halfgroat.S 3221.Nicely tonedGVF£225ENQUIRE
1649Commonwealth1649-60.Penny.S3222.Nicely tonedGVF£150ENQUIRE

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