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Image Year Name Description Grade Price ENQUIRE
James 1st
1624James 1stHalfcrown.3rd Issue.MMTrefoil.Rev Plume over shield.S2667.ScarceAVF/VF£895ENQUIRE
James 1
1624James 16th Bust Shilling .MM Trefoil. S2668F/GF£75ENQUIRE
1625Charles1Sixpence.MM Lis.Group A.2.92g/4h SCB1 Brooker 571 N2235 S2805 Reads MAG.Nice old tone.RareAVF£295ENQUIRE
1630Charles 11630-1 Shilling.Tower Mint under KIng MM Plume.GF£95ENQUIRE
1634Charles 1Maltravers Farthing.MM Bell/Bell BMC 234 Slight edge crack.nice coinGVF£45ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1635Charles 11635-6 .Halfcrown.Tower Mint.Type 3A1.Mm Cown.S2773.Old 1965 ticket for 60 shillings.GF/AVF£185ENQUIRE
1636Charles 1Rose Farthing MM Mullet BMC 345GVF£40ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1636Charles 1Sixpence.Group E. MM Tun .Small mark of value.S2814.GF£145ENQUIRE
1636Charles 1Sixpence.Tower Mint.5th Bust.Group E. MM TUN.S2814.Large flan.VF£195ENQUIRE
1636Charles 1Sixpence.Tower Mint.Group E.5th Bust.MM Tun.Nice old even tone.S 2814.GVF£245ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1636Charles 1Sixpence.Group E.MM Tun.Large mark of value S2814AVF£165ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1636Charles 1Sixpence.Tower Mint.MM Tun Group E Aderystwyth Bust Type 4 S2814GF£135ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1637Charles 11637-42 Scotland.Third Coinage Falconers 2nd Issue.Thirty Shillings.MM leaved thistle.Rough ground.14.80g 6h.Murray 6,SCBI 35,S 5556VF£295ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1639Charles 11639-40 Shilling Tower Mint under King.6th large bust.Group F Briots style.Type 4.4 MM Triangle Sharpe G1/2 N2231 S2799 6.04grms.As stuck.Ex I Buck collectionVF£215ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1639Charles 11639-40 Sixpence.Mm Triangle.Group F.6th Briots Bust S2817AVF£150ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1639Charles 11639-40 Shilling Tower Mint under King 6.01grms Group F .6th large bust .Type4.4 .mm Star/Star over Triangle Much as struck.Ex Messing Hoard 1975GVF£225ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1639Charles 11639-40 Tower Mint under King Shilling Group E 5th Bust Type 4A 6.07grms Large bust & large 12 type.mm Triangle/Triangle over Anchor.Mint brilliance much as struck.Ex Messing Hoard Essex 1975GVF£345ENQUIRE
1639Charles 11639-40 Twopence.MM Triangle.Inner beaded circle.S 2832GF£35ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1641Charles 11641-3 Halfcrown.Tower Mint under King.MM Triangle in circle.Type 3a2 .S 2775.Nice King & horseAVF£150ENQUIRE
Charles 1
1643Charles 11643-44 Tower mint under Parliament mm P 14.43grmsVF£250ENQUIRE

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