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1669FranceAE 40mm Louis X1V Bust Right.Rev Clasped hands etc.Reception for the King of Poland in France.By J MaugerUNC£70ENQUIRE
Stability of The Anglican Church
1688Stability of The Anglican ChurchJesuit & Monk with spade & pickaxe."The gates of hell shall not prevail"Rev 7 Medallions of Archbishop & Bishops.MI 625/42.Eimer 289.57mm silver cast.Very attractive old dark tones.EF£400ENQUIRE
1697FranceAE 40mm Louis X1V,bust right. Defeat of the Comte De Marsin & The Price De Ligne at Bruges.By J Mauger & JB Dufour.Rev fleeing horseman etc.UNC£65ENQUIRE
1704AnneAE 34 mmThe Battle of Blenheim.By J Croker Bust Anne left.Rev Britannia seated on globe Victory in hand regards captive etc MI 49.Eimer 409AUNC lustre£140ENQUIRE
France Loius X1V
1705France Loius X1VAE 40 mm.Battle of Cassano16 th Aug 1705. Lombardy, Italy.Obv bust Louis X1V bust right Rev Reclining figure etc De Germanis above.By Jean Mauger.VF£60ENQUIRE
1710AnneBattle of Saragossa.Anne bust left.Rev Victory presents captured Spanish standards to the Queen enthroned.Silver 48mm.Light attractive tone.BHM 446.MI 373/219.RareUNC£975ENQUIRE
George 1
1718George 145mm Silver.Spanish Fleet Destyoyed off Cape Passaro.By J Crocker .Bust George right.Rev Statue of King as Neptune upon Rostrum Column etc.Eimer 481 Mi 439/42.Superb one of the finest available..UNC£795ENQUIRE
1747AustriaWilliam 1V of Orange.Election & Installation as Governor of Holland.AE 38mm by J Kirk.Bust left/Rev Crowned Lion left etc.GVF£40ENQUIRE
George Prince of Wales
1792George Prince of WalesAE 48 mm.Draped bust left.Georgivs Prin Gall/Rev male figure offers bread to pilgrim(Rev illustrates story of King Arthur and St Cuthbert).By W Barnett.Eimer 848.RareAEF£195ENQUIRE
Battle of Trafalgar
1805Battle of TrafalgarAdmiral Nelson Memorial.Bust left.Rev Bellona with raised bundle of thunderbolts,advancing across the sea.AE 53mm.By T Webb.BHM 577 .Eimer 957.GEF£325ENQUIRE
George 111 Golden Jubilee
1810George 111 Golden JubileeAE 48mm 25th October \bust/Arms of Salisbury reverse By C H Kuchler.BHM 684.Eimer 1008.Lord Radnors Medal for SalisburyGEF£150ENQUIRE
1814France41 mm AE To commemorate Louis XV1 ,Marie Antoinette,Elizabeth of France his sister.Obverse combined 3 busts right.Reverse dates of executions.By Jaques J Barre(1793-1855) Issued at the time of monarchy restoration.UNC£65ENQUIRE
1821Sir Robert WilsonAE 41mm Bust left/Civibus Servatis within wreath.With suspension ring.By J Westwood JNr.BHM 1168.Eimer 1156.Ref incident at Queen Carolines funeral stopped by Wilson.GEF£65ENQUIRE
Leeds University Medical School
1834Leeds University Medical SchoolThe John Hunter Silver Medal (established 1831) Silver 51mm By B Wyon.Bust of Hunter R/Rev Chemia in wreath.Awarded 1834 to William Ainley for Chemistry. Engraved edge.Rare medalGVF£150ENQUIRE
1837VictoriaAE 61mm Visit of the Queen to the City of London.Nov 9th.Crowned bust left.Rev Queen attended by the Rt Hon John J Barber.BHM 1772,Eimer 1303AUNC£150ENQUIRE
The Royal Exchange Opened
1844The Royal Exchange OpenedAE 74 mm.By W Wyon.Bust Thomas Gresham left.Rev Facade of The Royal Exchange Statue of Victoria etcl.Eimer 1390.BHM 2185.UNC£150ENQUIRE
Felix of Nicosia Cyprus
1850Felix of Nicosia CyprusC1850 AE 48mm The Virgin Mary Patron" B Virgo Imaaculatta OM Capuccinorum "around.reverse group of people including Brother Felix of Nicosia(A Capuchin Friar made blessed by Pope Leo X111)AEF£25ENQUIRE
Princess Victoria
1858Princess VictoriaMarriage to Frederick William of Prussia.Combined busts left.Rev January XXV etc within wreath.Silver 63mm.By L C Wyon.BHM 2627.Eimer 1517.ScarceAUNC£575ENQUIRE
Marriage Prince of Wales
1863Marriage Prince of WalesAE 63mm.Conjoined busts Prince & Princess Alexandra right.Rev Royal Arms of Couple.Below March 10th 1863.By L C Wyon.Eimer 1562AUNC£150ENQUIRE
Shakespeare Tercenteniary & Robert Peel
1864Shakespeare Tercenteniary & Robert PeelRare 38mm WM Mule Medallion. By Joseph Moore in error after partnership with Allen ceased in 1850UNC£60ENQUIRE

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