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Dublin International Exhibition
1865Dublin International ExhibitionAE 75mm.Exhibitors Medal,to Brown & Green Luton London.Winged Female Figure flying with cornucopia,below Athena a figure before a temple.By A Geefs,D & W 56/93 E 1577.Superb.UNC£185ENQUIRE
Paris Exhibition
1867Paris ExhibitionAE 50mm .Ehibitiors medal.Bust of Napoleon 111 left.Awarded to Brown & Green Luton Manufacturers London .By H Ponscarme.AUNC£40ENQUIRE
Kar Caiet Gaisrvchivs VC
1868Kar Caiet Gaisrvchivs VCAE 44mm Archiepiscop Mediolanensivm.Bust Right.Rev View Cathedral date below..By PutinatiAUNC£20ENQUIRE
Manchester Exhibition For Science & Industry
1875Manchester Exhibition For Science & IndustryAE 60 mm Exhibitors Prize medal To Brown & Green of Luton London for improved Appliances.By Elkington & CoUNC£40ENQUIRE
Australia Melbourne International Exhibition
1881Australia Melbourne International ExhibitionAE 75 mm.Bust of Victoria left.ReverseWreath etc.awarded to Brown & Green of Luton London.Very nice with just a few minor surface marks. Scarce medalAUNC£175ENQUIRE
1881VictoriaAE 77mm.International Medical Conference London.By L C Wyon,reverse after J Tenniel.Rev Hippocrates Protects the peopleof the world from the looming figure of death.Eimer 1683.BHM 3110.Cased.Very nice medalUNC£165ENQUIRE
London International Health Exhibition
1884London International Health ExhibitionAE 45mm Victoria bust left/Rev a globe bearing the fruits of the World,flanked by Health holding a serpent and Education holding a wreath.By L C Wyon.BHM 3175.Eimer 1704UNC£65ENQUIRE
The International Exhibition London
1885The International Exhibition LondonAE 48mm.View of Alexandra Palace etc.By C WrightUNC£40ENQUIRE
William Gladstone
1894William GladstoneResignation as Prime Minister.AE 95mm.By LC Lauer for J RochelleThomas.Bust left.Rev Inscription names of all MP,s.Ex Seaby 1982.BHM 3468.E1792.A superb impressive rare medalAUNC£450ENQUIRE
South Africa
1895South AfricaBronze 44mm.The Opening of the Pretoria to Delagoa Bay Railway .Bust of President Kruger left/Rev Winged wheel within legend.By J P M Menger.Ref Moyaux 52,BDM 1V ,26 ,Swan 405/6.UNC£125ENQUIRE
Edward 7
1902Edward 7Official 31mm Silver Coronation Medal.By G W De Saulles.Eimer 1871UNC£25ENQUIRE
Nat Exhibition Brewing Trades
1905Nat Exhibition Brewing TradesAE 34mm 2nd Prize Beer Comp.Westlakes Brewery Blaenavon.Female pouring wine etc. Nice prize medal.UNC£14ENQUIRE
1996Silver Football MedalRoyal Mint Issue 30 mm Bobby Charlton/European Football ChampionshipsFDC£15ENQUIRE

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