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Image Year Name Description Grade Price ENQUIRE
George 5
1924George 5AUNC£35ENQUIRE
1924George 5GEF£55ENQUIRE
1925George 5New beading,broader rimAEF£25ENQUIRE
1925George 5Broad rimAVF£4ENQUIRE
George 5
1926George 53rd CoinageUNC£45ENQUIRE
George 5
1927George 5UNC£40ENQUIRE
George 5
1927George 5BU£50ENQUIRE
1927George 5Proof with some toningUNC£35ENQUIRE
George 5
1928George 5BU£40ENQUIRE
George 5
1933George 5UNC£40ENQUIRE
1933George 5AEF£9ENQUIRE
1936George 5UNC£25ENQUIRE
George 5
1936George 5AUNC£15ENQUIRE
1936George 5UNC£20ENQUIRE
1937George 6ProoflikeBU£18ENQUIRE
1937George 6ABU£12ENQUIRE
George 6
1939George 6ABU£6ENQUIRE
George 6
1940George 6ScarceABU£20ENQUIRE
1942George 6BU£17ENQUIRE

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