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Image Year Name Description Grade Price ENQUIRE
1754PeruJD Pillar Dollar KM55.1VF£195ENQUIRE
1796Malta2 Scudi. KM 343GVF£125ENQUIRE
1848DenmarkSpecies Daler Christian V111 Death/Accession of Frederick V11 Head either side. KM 742.GVF£225ENQUIRE
1923DanzigFive Gulden .Rare,with just a few very slight rim nicks.KM 147.GVF£395ENQUIRE
China Republic
1927China RepublicN/D .Yuan Silver DollarAEF£90ENQUIRE
1928Cyprus45 Piastres,nice coinAUNC£125ENQUIRE
1967TongaPa,Anga.Queen Salote memorial C/N Dollar King Tupu 111UNC£8ENQUIRE
1978GuernseySilver Proof Crown Royal Visit COIUNC£16ENQUIRE
1980Tonga2 Pa,Anga/Hump back Whale.45mm C/N.Mintage of 8000UNC£10ENQUIRE
1989Marshall Islands5 Dollars.First Men on The Moon.Apollo 11 1969-1889- 20 years.July 20th.UNC£10ENQUIRE
2006GibraltarProof C/N One Crown.Elizabeth 80th Birthday.Rev 4 Portraits of the Queen .80 Glorious Years.UNC£8ENQUIRE

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